Why This Site Exists

I always thought that websites could only be made by tech-gurus and coders. 

Sound familiar? I was wrong.

Making websites, blogs, and other internet destinations has never before been easier than it is today.
And I can show you that this is true.

Having been exposed to the other side, I now feel an obligation to share with others just how simple it can be to build a website, share what you love, and make money doing it.  

Blogging For Pay is about instructing and supporting aspiring bloggers, creatives, and visionaries from wherever they happen to be on this beautiful planet.  That’s the power of the internet.  

The world can always do with more creativity, passion, and sharing.
Be a part of it.

How It All Began

I first became familiar with the inner-workings of the internet through buying and selling domain names.

It was on an impulse, a whim, a leap of faith.

And I had no idea what I was doing, but I was doing something.

I learned by doing. As a result, I was exposed, for the first time, to the back end of how things function on this wonderful medium.  I’m still in the business of buying and selling domain names (through Availdomains.com), but it’s now a source of side, passive income.

After a while of selling undeveloped domains, I felt that I was foregoing the creative potential that many domains have to offer.  

So I decided to learn web development.
Though many of the resources were scattered, I soon learned that web development was well within my reach.  And it was.  More importantly, if I could do it, anyone could.

I soon found out that I can, and anyone can.

And here we are.

That’s enough about me.  This site’s about you.  For you.